Bars and grilles

Do you want to add an extra level of security to your windows and doors to improve security?

Harrow Security has over 20 years experience supplying and installing a wide range of bars and grilles to windows and doors, giving our domestic and commercial clients extra protection against forced entry.

Harrow Security Services for windows and doors

  • Supply and install made to measure fixed security bars
  • Supply and fit made to measure collapsible/retractable grilles
  • Installing deadlocks to doors and London or Birmingham bars as extra protection against forced entry. Highly recommended by the Police.

Do I need a fixed security bar or a retractable grille?

There are a wide range of security bars and grilles to choose from depending on your specific needs. Harrow Security can offer expert advice and guidance in selecting the right product for your business or home.

Fixed Security Bars

Fixed security bars can be fitted to a window or door of your premises that has low visibility from the street, where just having locks on your windows or a security alarm may not be enough security for your building. They also work well for ground floor windows for extra peace of mind.

Retractable Security Grilles

Retractable security grilles are bars that cover your doors and windows adding an extra layer of protection and meet a variety of security needs. They can serve to protect your office computers from theft or your shop from vandalism. They can also boost security around your home by providing a physical barrier in addition to any existing alarm system. Retractable security grilles are a perfect solution to protecting patio doors and windows.

Deadlocks and London or Birmingham Bars

Deadlocks are good anti-theft locks, as the lock is embedded in the door and provides good protection from lock picking and forced entry. One of the main advantages is that an intruder cannot smash a nearby window and open the lock from inside. Also, if someone should come through the window the deadlock ensures that they cannot escape through the door.

The London and Birmingham Bars are anti-burglary Kickstop door frame reinforcers that strengthen and reinforce a timber door frame against attack and forced entry. They are highly recommended by the Police.

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