Domestic safes

Want to secure your valued possessions more securely at home - such as jewellery, and legal documents?

Why do I need a domestic safe?

We all have precious belongings, which we need to store safely and securely at home. For this reason, every home needs to have a home safe. Domestic safes are a perfect way to secure your jewellery, cash, legal documents, insurance policies, cameras and laptops at home.

Which domestic safe?

Domestic safes are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes depending on your specific requirements. Most modern safes are designed to protect their contents from fire, theft, or both. A domestic safe can easily be concealed and is an item that you can take with you if you move premises.

Domestic safes include:

  • Type of safe: Fire-resistant safes, Security safes and cash boxes.
  • Safe Locking: Home safes can be fitted with key, combination or digital locking
  • Safe fitting location: There are 3 common locations to fit a safe depending on your property. A safe can be fixed to the floor, wall mounted or fitted under floor (buried in concrete). The simplest to fit is the floor /wall mounted

Why Harrow Security?

It is important that domestic safes are securely fitted, not only for your security but to ensure you comply with the manufactures instructions. Not doing so could result in your Home Contents insurer not covering any loss.

Harrow Security has over 20 years experience supplying, fitting and installing all domestic safes. We can provide assistance in selecting the correct home safe for your needs.

We can also offer the following services:

  • Opening safes
  • Safe Maintenance
  • Re-keying safes
  • Cutting additional safe keys

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