Key safes

Do you need a safe place to store keys outside of your building?

Why do I need a key safe installed?

Key safes are an ideal solution for the safe storage of keys outside a building, allowing known users to access the stored keys using a unique code. A key safe is a simple metal box that holds a spare set of keys and is secured in a location of your choice, outside your home or business.

The key safe is commonly used by carers but not restricted to the care dependent sectors. A key safe provides access to a client’s home for services such as home care, nurses and paramedics but can also be useful for other situations.

Every home owner who wants to store a spare key (to allow others to gain access such as a cleaner or gardener or for the times when you accidentally get locked out) will benefit from having a key safe fitted.

Benefits of a key safe

  • Allows you to give access to people that you trust
  • Lets you set the combination and change it as often as you like
  • Simple to use
  • Weather-proof
  • Wall mounted
  • No need to get locked out of home again

Why Harrow Security

Harrow Security can supply and install all key safes allowing you to provide safe access to your property to the people that you trust. We also offer a secure key cutting service and registered key section so that you can rest assured that your keys cannot be re-cut anywhere else.

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